The Joys of Life in an Elegant Ambience

Indulge yourself in our restaurant. Take in the elegant lounge atmosphere. Comfortable bench seating and easy chairs for those celebrations lasting long into the evening. We have stylishly combined modern grey tones with tastefully arranged accents for you. Look forward to our personal service and our superb cuisine with its regional flair. We wish you many happy hours and “guten Appetit”.

FischerS Restaurant
Monday–Saturday: 6.30 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.
Sunday: closed

Food served
Monday–Saturday: 12.00 m. – 2.15 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. – 9.15 p.m.
Sunday: closed

Cake buffet: daily 12.00 m. – 6.00 p.m.

Chocolate Artistry

We have reason to celebrate again: at this year's German Chocolate AWARD our pastry chef Amanda Dahl was awarded with silver and bronze. Amanda and her team created two chocolates for the competition and impressed the jury. This year we received two awards – the German Chocolate AWARD SILVER 2023 for the chocolate "Mandelorian" (category nut/almond praline) and the German Chocolate AWARD BRONZE 2023 for the chocolate "Der Grinch 2.0" (category Creative Praline Art).

Home-made Specialities

We live our commitment to the region, especially in our kitchen. This starts with the produce for preparing the food and ends with the loving care our staff put into our cuisine and our service. Our entire FischerS team are dedicated to giving you the best possible experience, which is why freshness and regional ingredients are of paramount importance to us. Game and poultry come only from the immediate vicinity, for example. The triad for our cuisine comprises: seasonal, regional, creative.

We do of course serve vegetarian meals as well and our monthly changing menu contains a wide selection. Everything is prepared with great dedication and expertise. And your culinary pampering programme starts no later than the morning, with the buffet breakfast at FischerS offering a large choice of our own creations. Try our home-made spreads, for example, or the honey from our hotel roof.

We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Make Yourself Comfortable

After a great meal you can round off the evening with friends in our cosy feel-good island. A good drink, pleasant conversation – that’s the way to enjoy life.

Original Beans – Chef's Table

What an honour for our head master pâtissière Amanda Dahl, whose special creation of Granny Smith tartlets for the Chef’s Table of the multiple award-winning and sustainably producing chocolate manufacturer Original Beans has resulted in a harmoniously balanced composition. With the delicately sour note of the Granny Smith apple and the sweet spiciness of the Arhuaco 82% chocolate, the bake-at-home tartlets are a mouth-watering treat.
Restoring the exquisite chocolate’s exclusiveness and rightful status where mass consumption and exploitation has no place is the credo of the Original Beans team centred around the founder Phillip Kaufmann.


Our Café

You can certainly expect more than just the regular coffee and cakes because at FischerS you will find the finest, home-made cakes and delicious spreads created personally by our café team. And to put the finishing touches to it all, we would suggest that you try our very own honey. The city bee keeper Victor Hernández has found the perfect place for his bee colonies on the roof of FischerS, where the taste of Bad Wilhelmshöhe can be captured. Regional, ecological and simply delicious.

Our Patisserie

The wonderful smell of fresh coffee and crunchy pastries at FischerS in the afternoon. Look forward to the inviting interior but also to our beautiful and sunny patio. Finish off your day with our freshly made gâteaux. And if you simply can’t do without our delicious delights at home as well – which we can more than understand – then you will find spices, home-made jams and chocolate you can buy and take with you. Of one thing we are sure: you will love our creative specialities.

FischerS Restaurant

Regional. Seasonal. Creative. That’s what makes the restaurant FischerS so special. And not just recently. From the very beginning of our history as a family-run establishment, we have focussed on what the region has to offer and tapped this potential little by little. This now means we can source our specialities such as game, poultry and fish from regional hunting, breeding and fishing.

Our team in the kitchen puts much love and originality into creating irresistible dishes from this produce. Always fresh. Always of superb quality. And always delicious vegan or vegetarian too. Salads from Ullrich’s market garden, home-made baguettes, our very own ice cream, to name but a few. The choice is up to you.

Superb cuisine requires the appropriate ambience. Come and sample our dishes and find out for yourself what a stylishly appointed restaurant is. Even long evenings will be great fun on comfortable and tasteful seating furniture.

If you would like to use our restaurant for a larger event, simply call us to discuss how we can help you. FischerS can provide attentive service and a high standard of catering for groups. We are looking forward to helping you.